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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Awesome Clearance Sale Over at Box Treasures


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Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Specials and Snippets

Happy Monday!!  Another weekend gone and never never enough time.....Kaylee called Friday night asking if she could spend the night with Granny so we spent time together Friday and Sat. , shopped for nail polish and flip flops (two of her favorite things) and just hung out the rest of the day. Pretty boring I imagine however with the rain and storms it was more difficult to get out. She went home with purple toe nails with sparkles and pink finger nails with sparkles...LOL

Josh and Martha are still pregnant and past their due date (the 24th) so they are very ready for the birth of Isabella and we are very excited for her birth as well.

Now my Rosie (boxer) is a totally nother story... she has had a false prenancy bless her heart and will not be giving us any little fur babies :(  totally sad for her and all of us.

 I have been busy the last bit making little infant bubbles and reversible dresses..they have turned out sooo sweet and are on their way to one of the boutiques I do work for.  I will also post some in my shop on etsy later this week as I can.

Not much longer until we are headed to the beach for a week...I can not wait!

Special this week is 10% off any diaper cover with and with out ruffles. Just add a note in the message to seller box and the 10% will be refunded via paypal.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Playing Catch Up and Sewing Challenge from Elsie Marley

Where has the time gone!!! It has been over a week since I have posted and I miss it so much :( I think part of the problem was I did not do a Monday post because my special is still the same special from the previous week as it pertains to the Mother's Day Scavenger hunt that Etsy Kids Team has put together.  If you have not checked it out do so and complete the never know you may just be the winner of a wonderful gift basket full of handmade items from my fellow etsians. I am donating to 3 of the baskets as well.  You can shop here and also find out more about the Mother Day Scavenger hunt.

My daghter in law Heather came over some time back and took pictures of a ton of fabrics and notions that I intended to put in my sewing supply store on Etsy you can visit my shop here I actually did get some of them listed but they just were not moving at a speed that suited me so..... I ran a Craigs list ad "Free Fabrics" and I have a pick up scheduled for morning so over night I will be on my way to a more organized sewing room and same daughter in law found some really cool storage containers so I will be an organizing fool I am sure.  I will post pics when I have completed my mini make over :)

Elsie Marley has  a challenge for you sewer  and not so sewer out there to make an outfit a night for your child the week of May 7th. You can see the blog post and details of the challenge here I hope to make some super cute items for my grand kiddo's and will post the pics here for all to see :)

I am done for this day and will get back on in the next day or two. We are on count down to the very special delivery of my 4th grandchild... Isabella Kaden due on April 24th and graduation for college for daughter in law Martha on May very proud of here and what she has accomplished!!

Hugs to all

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

EtsyKids: Thanks mom

EtsyKids: Thanks mom

A reminder to all of you moms to check this out and who knows you could be the winner of one of the baskets! Scavenger hunts are a ton of fun so go out and hunt hunt hunt :)

A Veggie Tales Experience ......

Oh how I love a cuter than cute outfit and Carla C (Scientific Seamstress) made one for her little guy to wear for all the Easter festivities and gave her blog readers a quick tutorial you can see it here so I had to give it a go and I just love the results! This will be for a very special little birthday boy and is on it way now.  This went together super quick and was super easy! I made just one change and that was I shortened the front hemline, split the side at the hem a few inches and added some bias there - just to make it look more like the big guys wear with their shirts a bit longer in the back :) Enjoy!

Until next time....make something!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Thanks Moms

Just a quick update for today :)

******************April 11-25********************
"Without moms like you we wouldn't have Team EtsyKids so to say thank you we are doing a giveaway of some of the best items we have.  Please visit to enter the giveaway.  Also, make a purchase today for 10 more entries into the giveaway!" Granny Zann's is participating!  I am also offering a 15% discount here at Granny Zann's on all purchases during the promotion. You can shop right here!

I will not be offering additional Monday discounts during this promotion and the 15% off will run the entire promotion time April 11th - 25th

Have a great week

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Etsy Kids Honoring Moms With a Scavenger Hunt

Just a quick  note to let everyone know we are having a special promotion over at Etsy Kids in honor of moms everywhere. You can see all the details right here. In my shop I will be providing a 15% discount for the entire time of the scavenger hunt when making a purchase from granny Zann's. This will take the place of my "Monday" weekly blog readers discounts :) This is the picture you will be looking for as you go through the shops on your scavenger hunt. Good luck everyone!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Some of my favorite pics in the last month or so

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Beautiful Fabric Finds

I am so very excited! I went to a very favorite fabric haunt and was able to locate additional yardage in a couple of the beautiful Shabby Chic fabrics I had purchased recently and sold out all items made with said fabric before the clothing made it to my Etsy shop...not that I am complaining about sale or anything. I have more of the green rose fabric and more of the pale blue on blue medallion motif fabric . I will be adding these to my shop now since I have secured more fabric (not much of the green). I also picked up 2 additional prints from the same designer and one has some yellow and greys and honestly I can not remember what the other one has in it.... I also found a bolt of a beautiful white fabric that I was looking for as well so it was all a great shopping trip with Kaylee tonight.

I am taking a poll out here for anyone wanting to weigh in. What type of sewing machine do you use? How many hours a week do you use it? Have you had any problems with it?  The reason for the poll is because I seem to have a hard time keeping a machine running with out knocking it out of time....believe it or not I have had this happen like 3 times int he last year! I never used to have these problems and I do not run over needles, I am not bending needles. at least once and perhaps twice I was using a ruffler?????? I will add another question Has anyone had problems with a ruffler messing with the machine they are using it on?? I am using the ones designed for the particular machines but...  I would love love love to hear what anyone has to say since this is getting to be costly and a pain in my rear end to boot.

We have went straight to summer for sure :) very very warm here and the pollen is just horrific and everything is just this lovely orange yellow color and it gets into your nose and lungs as soon as you get out side. The pollen counts doubled overnight to 3000 today! The worst is yet to come for sure but this is pretty unhealthy at this point. Really sad not to be able to open the windows during the spring. I made this mistake once and came back to a house covered in yellow orange powder! Oh my gosh what a darn mess that was.

Have a great Spring week!


Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday's Specials and Snippets

Happy Spring Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and wonderful weather to go with the day. It was very sunny and warm here ( made for some melted chocolate) however we had a fun Easter egg hunt none the less. We also made and decorated cookies on Friday along with decorating the eggs...yep the ones that no one even likes to begin with but we make each year....aaaahhhhh traditions.  Missing from the Easter festivities was the "Bunny Cake" and my youngest son and daughter in law Josh and Martha - getting too close to delivery day for the trip over here.  We missed you guys! Josh assured me it was not Easter because there was no "Bunny Cake" guess I will make him one the next time I see them:)

Ya know a couple months back, February to be exact I re-introduced my sammie bags because sooooo many people ask me to and the sales were there for a minute or two and now back to nothing :) not sure what is up with that but the wonderful, fun,  fashionable, green thinking Sammie Bags are my special for the week! Buy One Sammie at regular price and choose a 2nd sammie for 1/2 price!  You can shop here and if there is a fabric in the shop that you like that is not a sammie just ask and I may have enough to make you a sammie - same price and same discount deal. I am about 7-10 days out on orders right now so just keep that in mind as you special order :) All that are currently in my shop have at least 1 in stock and ready to ship.
You can shop here for all of my currently listed Eco Friendly Sammie Bags :)

Hugs to all