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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our Weekend

Weekends are the best part of the week however, they are without exception just too darn short for me. We had a lot of excitement this weekend with Bentley playing his first basketball game of the season and Kaylee cheering for the first time ever. They both did a really great job and we all had a lot of fun watching and taking a million pictures and video.It will be fun to compare this first one of the season with the last one of the season to see the improvement and the changes int he kids. Abigail and Kaylee were practicing for us today and that Abigail has it going on in the caboose for sure - she can really shake it:) See a cute pic of both Bentley and Kaylee below
Bentley reaching as high as he can:)

Half time

Kaylee posing for pics before the game with her coach

Pompoms up and cheering:) They really did have a great time

We celebrated Bentley's birthday on Sunday afternoon and that was a great time for sure...what could be better than cake, ice cream and presents:)   Heather built a fire int he fireplace (a very nice one I might add) amidst David trying to butt in and do it for her.. some talk of "being the king" or something was going on (I think Heather meant she was the QUEEN not the KING) but whatever she made a great fire that I am still enjoying the fruits of her labor now. I headed out to visit mom afterward and she was doing pretty good all in all  - still a bit on the weak side but feeling more like herself I think.

That is all for me for tonight. Be on the look out for our blog readers special that will be posted tomorrow:)


Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Finally

Friday!!! I am so glad the weekend is here for me...One extremely busy week day after day or so it seemed. Saturday will be a fun day with Bentley's first basketball game of the season and Kaylee's first time to cheer for one of the basketball teams. we should all have a great time and I look forward to seeing them both.

Not much other than work this week and having my mom in the hospital for dehydration - she went in yesterday and should be released tomorrow with any luck at all. She seemed much much better tonight and was making sense when I spoke with her for the most part anyways.
I managed to complete another sweet little dress and get it on the site- I really love this fabric called Bolo Lemonade from Robert Allen if I remember correctly. Very soft and drapey and I hope to make more pretties with it maybe a sweet little skirt ??? I love the colors in this fabric and so many different items and the monkeys are just adorable!!

Who could resist this little fella :)

I have a few things cut and ready to sew this weekend and Kaylee (granddaughter) will be with me tomorrow so maybe we can sew a bit together. The last time she stayed overnight she went fabric shopping and picked out a couple of fabrics she wanted to make skirts out of and a peasant dress if I remember right but it could have been just skirts. I will be doing a feature blog on Kaylee soon with her pics of things she has made or  is making at the time of the blog. She just amazes me with the skill she has when cutting and sewing!

I am heading off for the night but stay tuned for more pretties :)


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Bentley

Happy Birthday to my grandson Bentley!!!
Bentley is my oldest grandchild and my only grandson which makes him my most favorite grandson too :) Poor fella had to go to school today but I know he had a great time after school and really will end up with an entire week of birthday by the time the week is over. Last Sunday he had his brthday celebration with his Nana and Papa, today with Mrs. Lisa and then his family at home but we are not through yet... he will have another little birthday party here at Granny's on Sunday. Aaaahhhhh to be a child that is so loved!
I have been busy at work this week but have also had a bit of time on the evenings to get a bit of sewing in for the shop (if you haven't been there stop in Below are a couple of pics of the new items posted today - very pretty vintage chenille outfits and I will have 3 additional ones to post later and all will be a bit different.

Pillowcase Dress and Capri pants size 2T
Jumper with Capri pants size 2T

I have the little boys fabrics all in and will start on those this weekend and I am so excited to finally be offering a boys line and eventually may add larger boys however; right now it will only go to 4T and my little great nephew Josiah has agreed to be my model. He is the cutest darn thing!! Adorable and will be 1 in a couple of months. I told his Grandma today that I would have to pay him royalty fees because he is so stinking cute and I know he will make my little boys line sell like hot cakes:)

Sewing Tip: For patterns that I use a lot (like the ones in my shop) I make master copies of the patterns by tracing on to interfacing (the kind with graph squares) and use these instead of the thin paper patterns that are made by the pattern companies. These last a really long time and a lot of the time you do not even need to pin these down to cut out your fabric since they sort of stick a bit on their own because of the texture. 

Good night all......

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Still learning:)

Hello again! Well I have done some serious thinking on the blog and the direction that I would like to see it take over the coming months and here are just a few of my rambling thoughts...

  • I will be offering special discounts directly from this blog to my Etsy shop each week and these will start the first Monday of Feb. just to make it easy for me to keep up with so be on the look out for the 1st of many special deals just for you.
  • I will do a feature blog once a week on a fellow Etsian and this will be on each Tuesday starting the 1st Tuesday in Feb. again to make it easy for this ole brain to remember..hhhhmmmm do you see a pattern starting here??
  • Wednesdays will be reserved for sewing tips and projects that I am working on that I will share with you and will also include projects from my granddaughter Kaylee I love that she has the desire to sew and learn at such a young age.
  • The rest of the week will be what ever comes to mind on those days and may be cooking parenting, shopping, or just plain chatting about the day.
  • Sunday will be something inspirational for you, maybe a special scripture or if you are very very some words from my dearest male friend int he whole world Alan. We have been friends for about 25 years so half of our lives and he is such a inspiration to all that know him and especially those that love him best.
I have several little dresses and outfits that I will list later this week on my site that are made from vintage chenille and they are just adorable if I do say so myself:) you will need to check them out. I should have a couple of them up tomorrow and the remainder later in the week.

That is all from me for tonight. Have a terrific Wednesday!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome To Granny Zann's

Welcome to the first post on Granny Zann's blog. It has been a desire and goal of mine to have a blog this year and to start it in January so.... here we are and I almost missed it totally :)

I hope to turn this blog into a fun and informative blog for everyone that wants to check in from time to time and read it. I will have goodies from my life, my shop, and tips that will range from parenting (grandparenting ) to sewing, cooking, and just plain ole life in general.

Look for weekly specials in my Granny Zann shop just for my blog readers! These will not be listed in my shop so you will have to check here for the special details. I will start the specials the 1st Monday in February and will continue each Monday from there on.

Stop by and take a look around my shop at