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Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'm Just Sayin'

"Jett and Nano-You can learn a lot from a 3 year old!"
                                          I’m Just Sayin’”
                                                                 by Alan P. Scaglione
Who knew?
Is there anything better…than playing with your grandchild?
Just brings it all into perspective, doesn’t it?
It doesn’t matter what’s going on in the world…
For that moment in time…
When your 3 year old grandson says, “Nano, let’s play!”
The whole world just stops and you take a “Time Out”…
And all is well with the world.
Jett is learning to say so many things.
The funniest of things is just a simple phrase…
 “Thank You!”
Jett took me by the hand and led me into his playroom…
Where I walked into “Thomas The Train-Land”!
My grandson is obsessed with all things Thomas!
You would think that he has every known Thomas and Friends train built.
But, in his 3 year old, angelic sounding voice, he tells you
“I need moving James and TakeAlong Thomas!”
What was he talking about?
And who is James and which Thomas is NOT a take along?
Jett knows his trains.
He starts to educate his Nano.
He points out James is Thomas’s friend, but…”this” James doesn’t move!
His face shows disappointment…how sad and yet, how sweet a look…
He picks up his prized Thomas the Train and says,
 “Here Nano, you can play with my Thomas!”
I feel so honored—he gave me his favorite Thomas to play with.
This kid really DOES like me!
So…I tell Jett, “I like your room!”
He says, “Thank You!”
I say, “I love your toy trains!”
He says, “Thank You!”
I tell him how cool his room looks…
He smiles and says “Thank You!”
Jett then turns and says to me
Nano, I say Thank You a lot!”
I just bust out laughing…
And I tell him…”Jett, it’s important to always say Thank You for what you have!”
I wonder why we seem to lose that appreciation as life goes on?
We must lose it somewhere between 3 and 13!
Check out the average teenager…not many saying Thank You for anything.
They just assume they are entitled to so much…cell phone, IPad, Privacy!
Wonder who taught them that they were entitled to those things???
I wonder.
Maybe it’s the people they spend the most time with?
That used to be their parents…Today, not so sure…
Why is it that a 3 year old can teach us to just say “Thank you!” for all we have.
There’s an old song that says “Give thanks, with a grateful heart!”
And there’s the Ten Lepers in the Bible. Luke 17:15-18
15 And one of them, when he saw that he was healed, turned back, and with a loud voice glorified God,
16 And fell down on his face at his feet, giving him thanks: and he was a Samaritan.
17 And Jesus answering said, Were there not ten cleansed? but where are the nine?
18 There are not found that returned to give glory to God, save this stranger.
Jesus healed all of them, but only one returned to say “Thank You!”
It’s so important that we teach our children to be grateful…by saying 2 simple words.
We live in a world that is just so assuming…
It’s just a cancer that has taken over our nation—“assumption!”
I call it that air of entitlement!
Like the world owes you something… just because you think they do!
We feel entitled to get what we want…and incensed when we don’t get it.
There’s not a sense of appreciation for receiving something from someone.
And maybe it all starts…at 3?
Maybe we can learn something from a 3 year old…
Or from a leper?
Just to stop and say “Thank You!”
Two little words just show so much appreciation…and go such a long way!
Maybe we need to practice those two words a lot more often.
Just try it this week—say “Thank You” more than usual.
I dare ya!
Maybe you will say “I like to say thank you a lot!”
Guess you really can learn a lot from a 3 year old.
I know I am thankful for an evening with my grandson.
And for the privilege of playing with Thomas the Train!
Until Next Time
I’m Just Sayin’…
Brother “A”
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Ask Alan the Author

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


"Together..We can pray for the victims and their families!"
                                                                                                       By Alan P. Scaglone
Just when you think…I’ve seen it all…something horrific happens and…
You ask yourself “what’s this world coming to?”
I am talking about going to a movie premiere, at midnight, on a Thursday night,
And winding up part of a massacre, with 12 dead, including a 6 year old girl, 9 in critical condition and 70 shot!
POINTS2PONDER  Why are there so many people in this world hell bent on doing harm? Coming up with new ways to leave their mark—to be Famous?
By now, we all know the story: Lone gunman, armed with enough artillery to start a war… enters a movie through the exit door…and history happens!
I have often said…
Being famous? That could take a life time…
Being infamous? That only takes one gunshot!
And this 24 year old, after 70 shots, this demented individual… became infamous.
I don’t want to concentrate on him—that’s what he wants—attention—I will not give that to someone who did such devastation intentionally!
I do want to hone in on something I found so disturbing…
All of his arms were bought legally!!!
His glock, his semi-automatic, his rifle…
Everything he used to wreak such havoc—bought in the last 2 months—registered and titled—to him!
And the 7000 rounds of ammunition—also bought—legally!!
I know, I know…we don’t go up against the NRA in this country—it’s a fight no one is going to win—apparently!
But seriously, isn’t there some way to connect the dots??
We have a national missing children’s registry…
We have all 50 states connected for your driver’s license check.
So??? Why isn’t there a database asking the question—why is THIS individual showing so much ACTIVITY with these arms?
Come on… you are not going hunting with a semi-automatic!!!
At least, not hunting deer or duck!
This is NOT the first time this has happened—and we still stand by helplessly and say “There should be a way we can track this stuff down!”
They say we need to adopt the slogan started Post 911!
“See something? Say Something!”
They interviewed a guy who was in the store the day this guy bought 7000 rounds of ammunition. The observer said “He just looked like something was wrong!”
But…no one asked? No one questioned? No one said…ANYTHING!
You know you’re getting old when you start a statement with…
“Back when I was growing up…” but seriously-- your neighbors knew your business, and they told your parents when you were acting up or acting strange!
Today??? “Strange and weird” is just a way of life…
Funny how they all seem to be characterized as “Quiet!”
Maybe that’s the first clue? So…if you are too quiet?? We’ve got our eyes on you!! LOL!
Seriously—my grandkids are growing up in this wacked out world!!
And I have to say it—Going to the movies THE NEXT NIGHT does NOT show your American Spirit and prove that we are NOT going to be scared away!
If you want to show your American Spirit… take a moment and contribute to the fund that is raising money for the victims of this horrific massacre
By going to

Which will take your donations to help each of them.

Here’s a thoughtdonate the amount you would have spent on your movie tickets
Believe me…the victims and their families need that money a whole lot more than Warner Brothers Pictures and anyone involved in the Batman movie!

Let’s all remember…
We are informed/involved/interested citizens who need to get involved BEFORE the next FREAK decides to become infamous!

If you see something…have the courage…and SAY SOMETHING!!

I know 70 people in Aurora, Colorado who wish…somebody had!

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

I'm Just Sayin'

"Little brother "A" still taking care of his big brother "J" !!"

                                          I’m Just Sayin’”
                                                                 by Alan P. Scaglione
Who knew?
Who could possible know…that a long forgotten violin, tucked away in the extra bedroom of my brother’s townhouse, not even remembered by his widow until asked…
Could mean so much to a stranger….20 miles, a bridge and a lifetime away.
But….apparently, it did!
I am still tying up loose ends for my big brother Joe.
Funny how I seem to have gotten elected, by default, to the task of tying up his loose ends.
I don’t have the luxury of deciding what I will and won’t do… I get the leftover tasks.
Like writing and delivering the eulogy.
Like picking up and spreading Joe’s remains.
Like letting his old friends know…that Joe had left us on May 12th, 2012.
Old friends who hadn’t seen or heard from him… in years!
Funny thing about true old friends…time seems to pass, but yet…no time passes. Hearts connected are still….connected hearts!
Joe had a friend named Ken. They were best of friends in Joe’s earlier life. Ken and Carol were a couple Joe spent a lot of time with.
When Joe moved over to Clearwater, travelling the bridge that connects it to Tampa, he just left Tampa and all of his connections, behind.
And Ken and Carol…they were some of those Tampa Connections.
Joe found out last year that Ken had passed away.
He called me crying. “I should have never lost contact with Ken. I should have not let him down. He meant so much to me, and now… he’s just gone!”
Joe ended up writing a song for Ken. He called me one morning and sang it to me. It was touching and reflective and remorseful.
I knew… Joe would want me to find Carol and let her know… Joe and Ken were together again!
I must have a way, or… I am just tenacious! I set out to find Carol.
Facebook found her daughters. For those who still have landline phones, and luckily, Carol still did, the White Pages had their name, number, address.
Carol was found!
Now reaching her…that took some time!
Messages were sent—no response.
Finally, weeks later, my phone rang from an unknown source. I usually do NOT answer those, but… my gut said “Take this one!”
I did.
It was Carol. She got my messages. She remembered me. She said she remembered me bringing my kids to their house for dinner—I didn’t remember any of that.
I told her of Joe’s passing.
Her first words were “Ken lent Joe his violin. I would love to have that back. It meant so much to me. Ken used to play that violin for our girls. I loved seeing him play!”
Who knew?
And who knew that the violin in the spare bedroom in my brother’s townhouse housed this instrument that meant so much and brought back so many memories…
 For an old friend who had been deserted years ago.
But…apparently, it did.
So… being the brother who takes on the task of tying up my dearly departed brother’s loose ends… I set out to find this violin.
I spoke to Joe’s widow. I asked her if she recalled a violin. She said, “The one in the guest bedroom? That’s not Joe’s? I just thought he bought it. That’s not his?”
I explained the story and how Carol had asked to have it back.
She was immediately agreeable. “Of course. I didn’t know it wasn’t Joe’s. Please give it to her!” I took it with me, along with about 10 boxes of Joe’s life.
And I contacted Carol. I had the violin—it was coming home!
Funny what you keep—to remind you of those who’ve left you.
I have three dried out roses—Ellen, Aunt Ciria, now Joe! From their funerals. Makes me cry.
Made me wonder?
What will my wife keep of mine… to remind her of me?
I asked her… she said “Please don’t talk about you leaving!”
I thought to myself “somebody needs to—it could happen, and all that would be left is… a violin, in the corner of a room, wanting to go home!”
Until Next Time
I’m Just Sayin’…
Brother “A”
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


"Life happens...when you're making other plans!"
                                                                                                       By Alan P. Scaglone
I was supposed to be somewhere else this week.
Anybody ever have one of those weeks?
Dreams are meant to be dreamt – sometimes, even to be realized!
I had it planned since February—The National Book Convention!
I had been invited due to my new book One Unexpected Event that they published.
The meeting is normally in other places, like New York City or Dallas or LA!
But this year—this year, it’s in Orlando!
The city where I live (during the week!).
How convenient—How Perfect!
It’s a weeklong convention—and I had my vacation approved at work for the WHOLE WEEK. Sweet!!!
I was headed to my first book convention.
Remember the line “The best laid plans of mice and men!” ?
Yep—it was going to be a memorable week!
And then….it happened!
POINTS2PONDER  When are we allowed to feel a little bad…about doing the right thing?
A family situation arose—the right thing to do was…take care of the situation.
For those who know me best, they know… I AM that guy! The guy who does the right thing…whenever possible…it’s just the right thing to do…so, I do it!
Even WHEN it means…CANCELLING my Dream Week!
And so…I DID!
All of it—the whole week! Every event, every celebration, every opportunity!
All gone!
And I went to work this week…. Like if nothing else had ever been planned!
But…I have to admit…each night, I would allow myself to wonder?
“Wonder what the Concert was like Sunday night?”
“Wonder what the Reception was like Monday night?”
“Wonder what it would have been like to meet all those authors I interviewed?”
And then I stop, lecture myself and remember
I did the right thing! Bottom line, I did the right thing!”
But…then for a moment, I just ask…myself….
“Why does it feel so bad to do the right thing?”
And for some reason, a random thought comes in my head
Anybody remember the old Tammy Wynette song???
I am a Christian Lord, but I’m a woman, too!”
I know… random right?
But it kind of does explain the plight we sometimes feel…
That age old fight between good and …self!
Sometimes…it’s NOT the devil who tempts us and makes us wonder…
Sometimes…it’s just life and all of the decisions that we are faced with.
Sometimes…it’s knowing the right thing to do…but also… knowing what you want to do!
Anybody else out there been through a moment, a day, a week like this?
We will do the right thing because…it’s the right thing to do—bottom line.
But sometimes, if we admit it, even if only to ourselvesit sometimes hurts to do the right thing!

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