Modern Handmade Child

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My sewing creations from last week as promised :)

As promised here are a few pics of my sewing adventure last week. I have a customer who likes the more vintage looking baby clothes so I made her a few things. I am debating on whether they should go into my shop as well or not so if you have an opinion on that please let me know :) I will write more later with the winter dresses that have been ordered once they are complete..this group is more vintage 50's style while the next group will be early 1900's so stay tuned:)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


     It has been so long since I have written her on my blog I was afraid you had all thought I died perhaps and did not want that to happen so here is a quick update for you.

     My grandbabies have started back to school...I think this is week 3 and promise to post picks for you to see this week and Abigail will start pre-k4 after Labor Day. Martha (DIL) has started teaching 6th graders after graduating in May and they are keeping her very busy..she teaches Language Arts and Social Studies. Heather (DIL) is watching over Bella while Martha and Josh are out working so everyone is doing great.

     I am still having physical therapy 3 times per week for my shoulder and some days are better than others where that is concerned but it is coming along. My therapist is a great guy and is very good at pushing you to do just a little bit more than you want to and that is likely a good thing since by nature we would not want to inflict pain on ourselves....

     I have been doing some sewing (not as much as I would like) and have added in some new pretties for my shop here. I am really considering adding in some vintage inspired baby clothing, I am thinking very early 1900's and also some form the 40's and 50's. Let me know what you think about that.  I love the pretty little dresses from that time in history but they can be a bit time consuming as well so it will take some real thought before I just jump into it.  I have been working with a darling client here recently who also loves the more vintage looking baby clothing and I will post pics here of the items I am making up for her once everything is ready to be shipped this week. I have enjoyed the process very much and the dresses are just beautiful.

     That is it for me tonight but I will be back I promise so be on the look out for the next post :)