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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


                                                  Amanda,Alan,Macie and Mykai
                                                            By Alan P. Scaglione
That Unexpected Visit-- the best times in life!

Grandkids are the BEST ! And when they come for a surprise visit, just priceless! Mykai and Macie and my daughter Manda surprised us with a visit recently.

The doors swung open, both ran out, into Nano's arms! Both said, "Nano, we missed you so much!" talk about music to my ears! Such a joy to have them in my arms.

I don't get to spend as much time with MnM as I do with Jett, so when I do get to see them, it's like a holiday!

Point2Ponder: Why is it the best things in life are the unexpected surprise visits from loved ones? They make your day, remind you of the important things in life and provide unexpected joy to your heart! Maybe YOU should be that surprise visit for a loved one? I know that they would love to see you!
Princess Macie asked me to buckle her in. I leaned in to buckle her up, and she smiled big and said,"You smell gooood! Mama, Nano smells goooood!!" Manda and I both laughed.

Thank you Usher cologne, the first batch, for this unsolicited fashion report from our 4yr old roving fashionista MacieGirl! and just think, being that close, she could have said something just the opposite! LOL!
So home isn't a building, it's a collection of hearts, lives, memories and emotions all tied in a select community uniquely designed by God.

You can't choose family OR home in your heart…it's preset!

Just matter how far we travel, no matter what we see, we always want to call home and send postcards to share our travels--with them!

Be it ever so place like home! So…who are YOU gonna visit today???

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I'm Just Sayin! By Alan P. Scaglione

                                                       What Do YOU Believe?
“I’m Just Sayin’”

by Alan P. Scaglione

If I only knew then what I know now…what would I do different? Ever ponder this? Ever ask…how would I have changed my life? What decisions would I have made differently? How would I have reacted differently the second time life threw me that curve or that sudden turn in the road? They say the joy of youth is wasted on the young…should be saved until we are older and wiser and know what to do with it! LOL!

I have heard the line that “everything I have lived through has made me what I have become, so I can’t see changing a thing because, it made me Me!” I have NEVER agreed with that statement. I have always been a man of introspection, asking why I did what I did, how I can learn from the lesson (and sometimes, having to learn it again and again) and what would I do differently next time? All in an effort to improve the me I am so that I can become a better, more mature, me in the future; evolving, always learning, always asking….how can I be a better me?

Of all the things I have changed since I was young, from friends to homes to wives, the one that has never changed has been my faith. Since I was eleven years old, I can honestly say that my faith has been the center of my life. There have been seasons that were stronger than others, times when I didn’t understand why things were happening, but even angry, I still chose to trust in the relationship I have with Christ. I live the life I have been called to live, and I can only tell you what works for me; it’s a relationship, not a religion. I have always trusted in that, and I have never been disappointed, never alone, never deserted.

What about your faith? Can you say it’s always been there for you? Can you say your relationship with God is that constant that has always kept you grounded? Can you say that you can trust that relationship?

I am not being “preachy” – I just wanted to share with you the only thing that has never changed in my life—my faith in the relationship that has sustained me through a divorce and a heart attack. It wasn’t just sitting in a pew, week after week. I do believe in regular attendance, but that will never replace a relationship with your Creator! Consider this: Going to a football game does NOT make you part of the team—only the team knows the joy of winning and the pain of losing—it is a relationship that lets you share both!

The old timers used to say...”Is it well with your soul?” That question still cuts to the heart of it… how are you and your Creator? Is it well with your soul?

As we approach Easter, many religions are making sacrifices…I am not asking you to sacrifice a thing—just asking what has been constant in your life? Has it been your faith? Your God, your Savior?

The Word says: “I was once young and am now (almost) old, but I have never seen the righteous forsaken or His seed out begging bread!” Psalm 37:25

He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him—and, if I only knew that back then… well, you know.

Until next time,

I’m Just Sayin’…

Brother “A”

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Points2Ponder by Alan P. Scaglione

Bella and Alan
Organize A Card Sending Campaign to Surprise them with Appreciation

I  just organized a card sending campaign so my wife would have a great 50th birthday! I had our family and friends send her cards of appreciation to her job—
 so she would be surprised by receiving them.

I just wanted her to many people really appreciate her background support of everyone we know-
 as a mom, stepmom, Nana, Aunt, sister-in-law, friend and wife! She never needs to hear thank you...she wants to know that she was able to help!

: Why do we overlook those who tirelessly support and encourage us in our life, never stopping to say Thank You and I appreciate your presence in my life!

How about sending a card to someone who supports and encourages you--just to say thank you!
Start your own card sending campaign, organize it with mutual friends for that person who always supports your circle of friends.
We know...there's always that person, The One, who always remembers to call, to check in, to encourage you, to support you, to let you know…
you matter, you are not alone and...
you can do it--they believe in you!!
So pull out your pen, get out your cards, and…start sending to those who always give…to you!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Recipe - Grilled Cheese ....Adult Style

I have thought a good bit about sharing recipes on my blog and just always get side tracked with doing that sooooo here is a truly great one ....sorry I do not have a picture to share but it is easy enough to make just anytime and totally over the top for all us adults that love a really great grilled cheese sammie. Here you go:

2 slices Italian  bread (could use sour dough as well)
Italian dressing  - purchased or homemade
1 slice Mozzarella Cheese
1 slice good cheddar
1 slice Provolone
About 1/4 cup Parmesan Cheese mixed with 1/8 cup seasoned bread crumbs

Spread 1 side of each slice of bread with the Italian dressing, add all 3 slices of cheese between the 2 slices of bread. Next put Parmesan cheese/bread crumb mixture on a small plate and press sandwich into the cheese so that it will stick pretty good to both sides of the sammie (the sides with the dressing ). Place on griddle or panni press and grill until golden brown on each side and cheese has melted on the inside. This is a super crunchy sandwich on the out side and wonderful melted cheese on the inside. Sever with tomato soup and enjoy.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

"I'm Just Sayin" by Alan P.. Scaglione

  I’m Just Sayin’”
                                                                                                                                       by Alan P. Scaglione
Willie & Belinda
 Japan! Who can say that name and not go…WOW! The pictures, the tragedy, the overwhelming sadness, the fear—how did it happen? Can it happen here? What can we do to prepare? What can we do to help?
The overwhelming sense of …what’s this world coming to? In the past few years, so many disasters, natural and man-made—death and destruction, on the news every night—filling our hearts with fear! But…What can we do?

We can help where we can, we can give what we can give, we can do what we can do…and then, we can pray for God to provide what we cannot!
Think of your little corner of the world. It may not have been hit by a tsunami or a whirlpool flood, but…isn’t there some way you can help? Isn’t there something you can do?
Something as simple as taking your leftovers into work and giving them to that homeless man outside your office building—just help where you can help!

My cousin is someone I admire—she is an only child, but she has a host of brothers and sisters she has adopted over the years! Whether it’s her liver foundation work or volunteering with cub scouts for her grandson, Belinda always seems to have some charity she is giving to or working with. Even Harley Riders’ “Toys For Tots” for a local children’s home at Christmas time. She inspires me by her giving heart.
Even when she’s taking the leftovers from a company luncheon outside and quietly dropping them off for the homeless man sitting under the bridge. Respecting him, she just leaves the food.  She just does what she can where she can… And, she makes a difference in her world!

Who do you inspire? What difference are you making in your corner of the world?

The Bible says, “When have you fed me, clothed me, loved me? When you have done it to the least of these, you have done it to me!” Matthew 25:35-40
Maybe you can’t travel to Japan to help with the relief effort, but… you can reach out and help someone in your path. Make a difference-- by extending a helping hand to those in need.
I believe we are His Hands Extended here on earth. So reach out and touch somebody’s hand, make this world a better place, where you can! –Remember that song?
It’s your willingness to give, to share, to be THAT person—that’s how we help! And we always remember - tomorrow, it may be one of us in need of that helping hand.
We collectively pray for Japan and for those rebuilding their lives after this horrific natural disaster.
And in our world, we decide that we will no longer scurry past the hungry man under the bridge—we take him our leftovers!
Until next time,
I’m Just Sayin’…
Brother “A”

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Sewing Expo and Girls Weekend (Last weekend)

Michael Miller Durango Daisy Halter/Capri Set
I have been a little slow with my update on the Sewing Expo but here it is.  Kaylee and I were there together on Friday and had a great time, her favorite part was making a bracelet and watching the fashion show..she always loves that part :) then on Sat Kaylee and Abigail both came along with me. Abigail made herself a little bracelet and did a great job, we bought more beautiful fabric and that was about it (short attention span on this day). We ate out for lunch both days at their favorite places and then off to Steve's (my favorite place to buy fabric on the cheap) and picked up a couple pieces there, then over to Joannes for the final items we needed and home by 4:30 so all in a ll a pretty long day for the girls to be out running around. They played and Granny rested for a few minutes before fixing up dinner. We had a wonderful weekend while mommy and daddy were in TN and Bentley was at Nana's for the weekend.  i have several pics from the weekend but unfortunately I can not figure out how to down load them from my phone soooo.... while I try to figure that out you will just have to imagine the fun we had and the fabrics we bought LOL.... This is an outfit that i have made from some of the fabric I bought and I have to say i LOVE it!!!  I will have more new items out next week so be on the look out!
Make sure to jump on here tomorrow (Sunday) for Alan's column "I'm Just Sayin" you will be happy that you did. Alan can make you laugh, cry and look deep within your soul all in one column...totally awesome writer and I am proud to call him a friend.

Hugs till next time and for those of you reading this that are my friends on Facebook I have placed a message up stating I will no longer be on Facebook as of Sunday March 27th. you can reach me by cell or regular email anytime as usual and also here on my blog.  Let me know what you want to see here....arts/crafts, more sewing short cuts and tips, cooking, family info???????Just let me know so I can craft this blog to be one you look forward to reading all week and especially on Wed. and Sunday when Alan has his columns.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Points2Ponder by Alan P. Scaglione

Nano and Jett

I thought it was SPF50—It was Cocoa Butter!!
I took my grandson Jett to the beach recently, and I made sure to lather him up with SPF...or so I thought! We had a great time, playing with other kids(3 sisters Jett met), playing with a sandcastle, playing in the water, even playing in a cabana, lying on the chaise lounges. He was loving every minute of it...and so was I!
Nano and his Sidekick JJ - Scaglione Past and Future – just taking in the sights, drinking up the sun! Sometimes, Life really is a Beach! We only stayed 2 hours, and I noted Jett looked pink when we left, but he had SPF, so...all was okay. wasn't...I had inadvertently used Cocoa Butter instead of SPF50, on my 21 month old grandson! Within 4 hours, that pink turned to tomato, and our baby boy was sun burnt! All my fault.

POINT2PONDER: Why is that our best intentions still cause those we love to be hurt? We never intended them harm, but…
There they are, red as a tomato, and it's all your fault!
So...I saw Jett on skype that night. The picture was black, then there was my sidekick- tomato red! His first words, as he touched his ears, were..."Nano, Hurt!"
Poor baby...we sometimes unintentionally hurt the ones we love the most.
 When we do, own up to it, ask for forgiveness, accept that it may take some time to heal, physically and emotionally and learn the lesson that is looking at you!
Never Ever Assume A Single have to read the label!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

"I'm Just Sayin" by Alan P. Scaglione

Paul and Alan
I’m Just Sayin’”
 by Alan P. Scaglione
What makes a hero? Is it the cape? The superhuman strength? The ability to leap tall buildings? Maybe it’s the cool BatCar or ability to be invisible? Nah...I’m talking about the important kind of hero… the kind that lives among us.
 In your life… What makes a hero?
I am an extrovert; a participator, not spectator; a leader of the band; a “spotlight is on me” kind of guy; I don’t think there is a shy bone in my body…nah, just checked—not one!
So who would guess that my hero is this shy, introverted, kind of quiet, watcher of jeopardy and CNBC guy named Paul. He would rather have a thousand daggers thrown at him than have attention come his way.
He tries his best to avoid it, stay out of the limelight, redirect it to someone else and run the other way as soon as he thinks the spotlight is on--yep, that’s MY Hero!
Did I mention that he’s my big brother?
Paul had emergency surgery the other day. It was scheduled for “In and Out” in 30 minutes. No problem, just going to fix a complication that had arisen, but not anything to worry about at all.
But when…30 minutes became an hour; then an hour became an hour and a half; then an hour and a half become over 2 hours—you start that conversation in your head—come on? What’s going on here?
Then you start that conversation with God! “come on? What’s going on here, God? You would not do this to us? He has to be okay? Come on, please? Please let him be okay! Please God! Come on!”
And then…the surgeon arrives and tells you that he’s okay. Took a little longer than expected (A little longer? Like saying the Titanic is a big boat!) but, he will be okay!
It’s at that moment that you realize…I do not want to know what our lives would have been had it gone the other way. That’s the stuff that makes a hero...we can’t live without them… don’t even want to try!
The Bible tells us to give honor to those who serve well and render honor to those whom honor is earned (Romans 13:6-7).
Why don’t you take a moment to ask yourself, who’s your hero? The everyday one, not the one with the cape! By the way, it’s that everyday hero who is one call away...the caped guy is always too busy!
So…Paul is taken to his room, and we walk in. He says.”I’m on truth serum. Now’s your chance to ask me anything and I have to answer truthfully!”
I look at him and say, “Was I adopted?”
Without blinking an eye or missing a beat, My Hero responds, “Should have been!”
Until next time,
I’m Just Sayin’…
Brother “A”