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Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Specials and Snippets

Hello Everyone..Guess what I hear that Spring will be here this week, Yep that is what the weather man has said and I have faith so I believe it to be true :)

The weekend was very nice with Josh and Martha in. This will likely be their last weekend before Isabella's birth since they live about 1 1/2 hours away and then their hospital is about 40 minutes beyond that so long to have to be a car if she were to really get into labor here.
I did not get any sewing done this weekend but did wrap up a couple of cute pieces today that I will list tomorrow after cutting out the ones that were pre-ordered by a boutique I do a good bit of work for..I need to see what of the fabric is actually left before I go listing something that I may not have the fabric to make:)
Picture on the left is both the jumper (no buttons yet) and the Capris Set. 


The pic to the right is a close up of the green fabric. I absolutely love this one

This is a close up of the pants ruffle on the blue fabric and I loved this fabric as well :)

Special prayer request for my friend Brenda and her family for strength and wisdom as they make decisions on the care for her sister Terri who is a special needs person and very very ill.

My special this week is 10% off any item you chose. Please Blog Special  in the message to seller box and I will send you an adjusted invoice to pay from. You can shop till you drop right here :)


Saturday, March 27, 2010

When is Spring REALLY going to be here?????

Okay!!!  Where is Spring??? Hhhhmmmmm it sure is not here, we had snow (just flurries) on Monday and then a nice day or two and now cold and windy again gggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Now that I have whined ... I am also not feeling well and it all started with a darn salad I had yesterday that I added an onion to was hot and was suppose to be a sweet onion .... and I totally ate to much of it and have paid for it dearly since. No more onion for me for a while I do not like the stomach crap (no pun intended)

I did finish the project I was working on for Sandy but did not finish up anything new for my own shop. Maybe this weekend but I will have to feel better for sure.

Here is a pic of the Ruffle Butt Bloomers I completed (no babies were harmed in this Photo Shoot) hehehe I use what I lovingly refer to as "The Big Headed Baby" I bought a couple of these at Walmart a few Christmases back and they are great for modeling baby clothing- they are about a 3/6 months size sorta :)
These are available in all infant sizes and can be made in virtually all colors. You can see them in my shop here.

I am off here for the rest of the day. Need to go see mom and do a couple of small errands if I can hold out :)

A special prayer request for today please...please pray that Martha (daughter in law) will be offered a job teaching in Walton County so that she, Josh and Bella will be close to family.

Please continue to pray for Christy, Austin, and Kaylee as they go thru the grieving process after Lee's sudden death.

Hugs and happy Spring (I know you are out there someplace)


Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Busy Week :)

This has been a busy and productive week at least after work if not so much during work :) I am not complaining...just taking it all a day at a time and enjoying them.

I have a couple pics for you of my pretties form this week... pretty much they sold out right away but I do have a little bit left and have some beautiful!!!!! new shabby chic fabrics that are cut and just waiting for me but those have to wait until I have Sandy's order out and also do some work on the vintage curtain panels she has sent for PCD's and skirts. I think they are going to be just lovely and.... nothing like recycling!

Lady Bugs and Bees Capris set - I love this one:) and the .......
Mocha Orange funky set ... I may just have to have at least the top in this for me!
and this little number that is just so springy! This one has sold out but I just had to share since I loved it so much.

Easter is just around the corner and Spring break too.  I am hoping to have a day off to be with the kids during their Spring break but not sure how that is going to work out at this point but I hope so. Bentley, Kaylee, and Abigail  will be making cookies next week and coloring eggs...we have always done that and I did it with my boys when they were little. Josh especially liked it and still does so I imagine he and Martha will carry on the tradition with Isabella when she arrives :) and next year I will have a 4th grandbaby to add to the cookie making table; I can not wait!!!

I have a prayer request before I go today...Please pray for Christy, Austin, and Kaylee as they go thru this very difficult time after losing Lee (Youngblood) Lee died suddenly after suffering a heart attack at the age of 27 and leaves behind his finance' Christy, his son Austin, and daughter Kaylee. Please keep the entire extended Youngblood family in your prayers as well.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Specials and Snippets

Hello Everyone and Happy Monday to you :)  This will be very short and sweet today...just too much going on in this little world of mine :)

The special for this week is.... drum roll please..... purchase any girls (infant, toddler, big girl) item and save 25% off your entire order. This special is good thru Sunday at midnight EDT. Here is your link to start shopping :)

New items will continue to be listed this week so keep those eyes peeled and if you want to shop through out the week just place items in your shopping cart, commit to buy and let me know when you are all through and I will send an adjusted invoice via Paypal to you with the 25% discount. Make sure to let me know you saw the blog post and also provide the email associated to your paypal account.

Hugs and happy shopping :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sweet Lunch Books Notes for Kids & Weekend at a Glance

Sweet lunch box notes for kids download here
These are super cute for printing off and adding to lunch boxes, book bags, just anyplace to give a little one a little bit of love:)

I always think the weekends just go to fast and this one is no different.  Bentley, Kaylee and Abigail spent the night Friday night and we went out ot eat at the ultra healthy Taco Bell :) ...well the lettuce was healthy anyway...Lol.  Saturday morning we all worked in the back yard getting it ready for Spring and Summer if you looked at it right now you would think it really does not look too good but... it looks sooooo much better than before we worked out there and I am thrilled to death with it. We still need to burn a pile of stuff and then more work but it really is much better than it was and a BIG thank you goes out to my Daughter in-law Heather for her mowing and cutting skills :) the little ones all had buckets of soapy water and rags and cleaned the playground equipment, deck box and Rosie's dog house. It is amazing how much fun they think work is when it involves bubbles and water...ssshhhh don't tell them it was work hehehe

Update on Phil...yipee he was discharged from his Dr. this week and is all healthy again and the foot has healed perfectly. mom is doing great after her surgery a week ago Wednesday; her mouth is still sore but she is doing well.  My girlfriend Mary is recovering at home after her surgery a week ago Wednesday and is progressing as expected and I really appreciate your continued prayers for Mom and Mary as they continue with their healing.

My friend Maggie and her daughter Ling came in on Sat. for the evening and headed back to TN this morning. They are always a pleasure to have here with us and it is an adventure in eating as well. Maggie is from Mainland China and makes some of the best Chinese food I have ever eaten. This time we had Chinese and Persian food when she came and also the all American hamburger that I made for Ling (her favorite) I liked some of the Persian food but not the lamb stuff that was in it...really an odd taste to me but I did try it.

I had cut out several outfits to get together this weekend but did not get the sewing time in that I thought I would. I did manage to complete 2 new capris sets that are adorable and will be listed once I take pics in the morning. I have three additional sets cut along with some more little boys items so my week will be filled with work and sewing for sure.

My goal for this week is to complete anything currently cut out and then start on some items for Sandy from the vintage cutain panels she has sent me- really cute one! I know they are going to be adorable for sure. Another goal is to remember to post more often than I have in the last couple weeks. I will for sure be back on in the morning to post my special for the week so make sure to check back then:)

Josh and Martha are coming in next weekend and this will be the last time until after they have their baby I imagine...just getting to close to be that far away from their hospital down in Macon.  We are all getting so excited about Isabella's birth!

Hugs to Everyone,

Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Specials and Snippets

Hello Everyone! Back to Monday and back to work after a few days off..funny thing about taking a few days off is you usually need a vacation to rest from your vacation:) I had a very busy weekend with going to the Sewing Expo with Kaylee on Sat. and she had a great time, made a little purse and bought herself some fabric so she was a happy camper to be sure then it was off for Chinese food and home. I was so exhausted from getting up too darn early for several days and going to bed too late most nights and then we lost an hour to the whole "Spring Ahead" thing. Today is the first day I have not been totally wiped out. I received several orders while out last week which was totally exciting but... it left me sewing from 2pm-11pm Sunday but..I completed everything that I did not already have ready to ship and mailed out all of my packages today. Yeah!!!

I have thought and thought on the sale for this week and here it any item from my sale section check it out here and receive 10% off your entire purchase from my shop. The items int he sale section are 1 of a kind so you can not have special or custom orders on these items but the rest of the shop is full of goodies many of which are available for custom orders.

I will work on getting some pics on here from our weekend as the week goes on:)

I have a couple of prayer request:
1. My friend Mary - she had major neck/back surgery last week and is having a lot of pain
2. My friend Sandy - having just an incrediable amount of problems with some dental work she has had done.

Hugs to all,

Friday, March 12, 2010

Fantastic Friday New Modern Handmade Child Special Mothers Day Edition is out

Friday here at last :)  It has been an exceptionally long week for me even though I have had a couple days off they were packed to the brim between my Mom's surgery (and going a day early AND her being transferred a day early) arriving at 7:15 just to have to go back home and wait another day and do it all over again...not sure whose mess up that was but at any rate she and I were both exhausted BEFORE the surgery. She did great and has all her teeth out and once healed they hope to be able to give her dentures that will fit well. And lets not forget the sewing i did!!! Shipped 20 dresses out of here yesterday all made starting Sat. and shipping Thursday with no sewing on Sunday at all and working my real job on Mon/Tuesday :) I just know I worked in a sweat factory in a former life hehehe. But I hate to have stuff sit around. I have a few smaller items to wrap up today and get  out of here today or tomorrow and then off to the next thing.

Kaylee and I are off to the Sewing Expo at some point today IF the weather does not prevent us from doing so....they are calling for sever weather and while normally I would just not be too concerned with it I do not want to walk a half mile from a parking spot in it:) And I do not want to make Kaylee do that either. I have a little bit of sewing to do before we go this morning but just needed time to sit with my coffee and catch up on emails, blogs, etc.

Great News!!! The Mother's Day mini edition of Modern Handmade Child is out check it out here, you will be happy you did!

I am off; wish me luck with mother nature today:)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Annual Sewing Expo - Duluth, GA

This is the first day of the annual Sewing and Quilt Expo over at the convention center in Duluth. I love going and shopping so much and have went every day for several years now. My granddaughter Kaylee went with me for the first time last year and had a great time, she was 4 at the time and she will be going back with me this year on Friday and Sat. if all goes as planned. She wants to "make fabric again" she actually did a cool design onto muslin using inks and we framed it along with a couple other little items that she received for one thing or another.  I am so thrilled she loves to sew and loves to take part in the Expo as well. I think Abigail maay be calmed down enough by next year that I can start teaching her to sew...she has the desire and I have allowed her to sit on my lap and "assist" but she is way tooooo busy to allow her to cut fabric or just sit and sew by herself as Kaylee did at even a younger age.

My boxer Rosie is looking more prego all the time and we are all looking forward to a houseful of puppies in April. I think she will make the sweetest little mommy..she is a very sweet gentle girl and very laid back except when her best friend and daddy to her babies is here. She and Baxter have grown up together basically and he gets so excited when he gets to come and see Granny, he knows when they are getting close and stands up in the car instead of laying down :)  He loves his Rosie too. Baxter also has another lady in his life name Cleo and I thinkshe is about 10 weeks or so and very pretty and sweet.

I am off here for remainder of the day so go out and do something fun!


Monday, March 8, 2010

Mondays Snipettes and Specials

What a fun weekend we had! Heather and I headed to Milledgeville yesterday morning early to visit my son and dauhter-in-law who are expecting their 1st baby in April; they have just the cutest house ever and we all worked together to build all the furniture and accessories for the nusrery. Wow 1 hour to put a swing together :) I am not sure it really took the full hour but... it did take the longest of anything we did that is for sure and unfortunately they do not make it idiot proof (not calling you an idiot Josh :) ) but... you CAN put it together incorrectly and you have to dismantle the thing to get the leg out of the right spot soooo that happened just once thank goodness and in the end all of it looks so nice and miss Bella will have everything she needs when she gets here for sure.

This morning Heather became an Aunt for the first time when her brother Seth and his wife Brooke delivered Nolan. I believe he was 9 lbs 7 oz and 21 inches long soooo a lot to love there for sure.  babies are just so special and exciting and I so look forward to my 4th grandbaby being born next month.

Our special today in honor of Nolan being born is 21% off any boy item in the shop - can be ties/onsies/shorts/Jon Jon/Sammie you choose it and then leave me a note that you saw this post and I will deduct from your invoice. You can shop here!

Happy Monday to all

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Week That Flew By

Wow!....Where did the past week go??? I just realized that I missed over a week on the blog, not my intent for sure but..things were going on each and every day and I just could not get settled into writing when I did have a minute or two.  To catch you all up on my doings I spent last weekend completing a sewing project for a boutique I do a lot of work for, went to Bentley's bball game and the game that Kaylee cheered for. Monday was just a pretty normal day work and more sewing in the evening and then Tuesday came along and it was a day out of pocket for the entire day trying to get some medical things lined out with my mom and the day ended basically a waste and with both of us totally exhausted so I guess that explains the rest of the week as well since it took me a couple days to come back off that. I guess when I get so mad about some thing that should be so darn simple it just takes it all out of me. I felt like I had fought all day long with people and in reality I did but in the end did not win the battle nor the war :( Next week WILL be a BETTER week I just know it.

Now for this weekend! I kept Abigail overnight by herself for I think the first time and she did just great. She normally is here with the older kids but is such a momma's girl we had not attempted her staying by herself and I wanted her to see that it is ok that she is here with out the other 2 and for her to hopefully understand when one of them is here and she is not..I hate for her to cry because I am unable to keep her even if I have Kaylee or Bentley. Abigail is a full time job so I have to have nothing at all to do when she is here - the busiest little girl I have ever known for sure so I am unable to sew or anything that really needs any kind of concentration when she is here :) lord I hope that does nto mean I am getting old!

Heather and I will head out in the morning to Josh and Martha's home for the day and I think it is about 1 1/2 hours away. we will be taking the rest of her baby shower gifts that they were unable to take back with them a couple weeks back and I believe that Heather has been ask to do some picture taking at the park with them as well weather permitting.

Some of the things I have been working on this week
I just love summer and all the bright and fresh colors you see for spring and summer. These are available in my shop along with several new items listed yesterday. You can see all the new items here and be on the look out for more new items Monday or Tuesday. 
I just loved this Teddy Bear Toil fabric when I saw it. Just perfect for the little bittys in your life.

I promise to have a new special out on Monday for all the blog readers so don't give up on me just yet:)

Happy Weekend!