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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday's Featured Etsy Shop

Sip in Style & PERK UP your mornings with these Beauties!

How long have you been with Etsy?
September 2008

What is your favorite part of being an Etsian?
My favorite part of being an Etsian is meeting & developing friendships near & far with other Etsians. I love to see other people develop their “art/craft” & the uniqueness of each individual. Each person has a different background & culture & it is interesting to learn from each one.

When did you start your craft/collection/hobby (whichever applies)?
Crafting has always been a “gift”…..I love to woodwork as well, but more for personal use than for someone else. As for sewing, honestly, I can’t read a pattern to save my life (my sister in law “” has vowed to teach me…… However, I can look at something, pick it apart, & remake it if necessary.

Sewing the cozies I have to say, began earlier this year. I began with sleep masks, something simple, but they didn’t sell well enough for me to play SAHM. I began searching for something else & tried checkbook covers, passport covers, handbags, which I continue to create, but still it wasn’t “it”. I am caffeine addicted & cannot seem to pass up a good coffee house. Cardboard sleeves are a nuisance & I had seen some nice coffee sleeves around town. I put a little twist on them, making them wider, & adjustable with cute little button ensembles. They are fashionable, & functional and also with flannel so they just aren’t for hot treats, but for your favorite cold ones too! My neighbor continued to request water bottle cozies from me (she doesn’t drink coffee), & was my first customer & proud owner of the prototype. The new design for all four sizes that will be displayed soon on are pending copyright.

Will 2010 bring anything new for you, your shop or your blog?
Have to blog. Have to learn how to blog. Right now I am on Twitter, and Myspace. Some new items such as key fobs will join the new cozies for now….ideas however are endless, so you may find some other cute little gifts in the shop by the end of the year.

I have/am downsizing from 3 etsy stores to 2. My other one at is for vintage/fabric/patterns/supplies. When I began searching through boxes at my home for cute prints & items to make for the lil xtra site, I found out I had/have a lot of items I will not use anymore.
My 3rd store at isn’t getting the exposure – much because I put so much emphasis on the other two. This site is closing & we have a Buy One, Get One at Equal or Lesser Value for free & it is ALL free shipping.

What do you think has helped you to be successful? Any secrets to share?
Positive attitude, but more importantly your faith. I believe that without Jesus & the guidance of His Holy Spirit, you can do nothing & be a success at nothing. I give Him all the credit. He has given me the opportunity to develop & take hold of a life dream of owning a gift shop. I pray for wisdom & favor daily, & I have been very blessed.

Favorite Etsy shops?
Oh my…….there are so many…….As I stated above, you become personal with so many etsians that it will be difficult to name them all here. However, besides mine, here are a few I love…… ~ Suzann,my sister in law who introduced me to etsy ~ Andi creates all my banners & what a great job…I use her over & over ~ I found her through Alchemy & have never been disappointed. She is awesome. ~ Vickey is a special person – she has some fantastic crocheted items. She will bend over backwards to help you out.

Customer service is very important; do you do anything special for your customers?
bsolutely! Always, always, always, understand there is a person on the other end, & they have feelings. There is a great need for a sarcasm font & more emoticons, so keep your convos nice & professional. Also, make sure you follow up after a sale, when you know their gift has been delivered. – You want to ensure your customers/clients are 110% satisfied. With out them, you will NOT have a successful shop. I ALWAYS send a thank you card & I hand write it. The extra time & effort is very much worth it. When you make them feel special, you in turn will be blessed.

Packaging is a huge part of Etsy, do you do anything different?
I think so. Each item, from any of my stores, will come to you packaged as a gift. Its fun to open up packages, & know that the person sending them sees you as a person, & not just another sale. Personally, when I purchase on etsy, I will pay a higher price knowing that I will be treated as special & not a number. In this society, we must do what we can to bring a smile, & I try my hardest to ensure each gift is sent with care, love & in excellence. I also will include a hand written thank you note as I stated before. This is so important.

Resting and relaxing, what do you do to have fun and enjoy life?
My family keeps me busy & laughing. My husband & I have three children, a son-in-love, & an 8-month-old grandson. Each one is a comedian & up to something..Lol…. We enjoy many family days…& find that when we take a drive through the country (yes there is country in Florida), with no electronics, just nature, these times are peaceful & bonding. We are a very tight family unit & that in it self is peaceful. We like to take long walks as well & are very nature view oriented.

What do you consider to be your treasure? (Anything from childhood to your shop) eg baby doll, a special rock, etc
As for material items, nothing…esus & my family are my treasure. I have been healed of many, many things, & am eternally grateful. Nothing else matters.

Free to share here anything you want
Thank you very much for the opportunity to be presented in your blog. I appreciate that greatly & am honored. 2010 is a year for prospering! Not only in Etsy sales, but personally. Make Jesus your number one priority…..He will make you His………

Thank you again & Happy Sales!

Here are some of my favorite items in Michele's shop..please stop in and visit her you will be pleasantly surprised and even more surprised to receive one of her beautiful packages in the mail - it is like your birthday every day:) for all of you Saints fans Breast Cancer Awareness Love is in the air with this beauty:) For all of you Sock Monkey Lovers :)

Thank you Michele for sharing with all of us and best of luck to you with your shops in 2010


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