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Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Week That Flew By

Wow!....Where did the past week go??? I just realized that I missed over a week on the blog, not my intent for sure but..things were going on each and every day and I just could not get settled into writing when I did have a minute or two.  To catch you all up on my doings I spent last weekend completing a sewing project for a boutique I do a lot of work for, went to Bentley's bball game and the game that Kaylee cheered for. Monday was just a pretty normal day work and more sewing in the evening and then Tuesday came along and it was a day out of pocket for the entire day trying to get some medical things lined out with my mom and the day ended basically a waste and with both of us totally exhausted so I guess that explains the rest of the week as well since it took me a couple days to come back off that. I guess when I get so mad about some thing that should be so darn simple it just takes it all out of me. I felt like I had fought all day long with people and in reality I did but in the end did not win the battle nor the war :( Next week WILL be a BETTER week I just know it.

Now for this weekend! I kept Abigail overnight by herself for I think the first time and she did just great. She normally is here with the older kids but is such a momma's girl we had not attempted her staying by herself and I wanted her to see that it is ok that she is here with out the other 2 and for her to hopefully understand when one of them is here and she is not..I hate for her to cry because I am unable to keep her even if I have Kaylee or Bentley. Abigail is a full time job so I have to have nothing at all to do when she is here - the busiest little girl I have ever known for sure so I am unable to sew or anything that really needs any kind of concentration when she is here :) lord I hope that does nto mean I am getting old!

Heather and I will head out in the morning to Josh and Martha's home for the day and I think it is about 1 1/2 hours away. we will be taking the rest of her baby shower gifts that they were unable to take back with them a couple weeks back and I believe that Heather has been ask to do some picture taking at the park with them as well weather permitting.

Some of the things I have been working on this week
I just love summer and all the bright and fresh colors you see for spring and summer. These are available in my shop along with several new items listed yesterday. You can see all the new items here and be on the look out for more new items Monday or Tuesday. 
I just loved this Teddy Bear Toil fabric when I saw it. Just perfect for the little bittys in your life.

I promise to have a new special out on Monday for all the blog readers so don't give up on me just yet:)

Happy Weekend!


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